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The utilization of plants has existed in India since antiquated occasions. These are ordinarily utilized for the treatment of different illnesses. These days, individuals are getting back to the old treatment techniques The conventional Ayurvedic way to deal with wellbeing is thorough, viable and promising. One of Ayurveda's most eminent commitments is the study of home grown mixes, where conventional specialists recommend a mix of natural items for a superior impact .Therefore, this methodology is utilized in the current examination to treat urolithiasis. Overall pervasiveness changes between explicit zones with the most noteworthy level of 7–13% for North America, 5–9% for Europe and 1–5% for Asian nations. The occurrence of urinary stones has expanded as of late because of changes in way of life and dietary patterns. The etiology of this illness is multifactorial and is firmly identified with way of life propensities or dietary practices. In spite of the fact that there are not many on going reports of the advantageous impacts of clinical medicines in expanding the freedom of stones in distal ureters , no encouraging antiurolytic specialists have been accounted for, particularly for forestalling repeat of stones. In such manner, numerous plants have been routinely used to treat kidney stones and have been demonstrated to be powerful. In Ayurveda and people medication, numerous spices are utilized to treat urolithiasis. Numerous analysts around the globe are attempting to decide the capability of spices in treating this problem.

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